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A leading Math Tuition Centre, Nova Stellar Academy cultivates our students’ interest in learning
Mathematics through fun-filled activities and real-life applications. Explore our website to learn more about us.

Small Class Size

Our classes have been capped at an impressively low student-teacher ratio of about 4 : 1. This gives our teachers more time to individualise their feedbacks and the opportunity to customise their instruction and guidance. Our students will receive more undivided attention, and hence learning is enhanced.

Qualified and Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees from reputable schools and have taught diverse groups of learners in different educational contexts - schools and enrichments centres - for over 10 years. They have helped students from top IP schools and also students from neighbourhood and International schools attain their fullest academic potential.

Differentiated MOE Curriculum

Our curriculum is crafted based on our revolutionary "3C" framework to cater to different types of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. We have thousands of tiered worksheets and activities ranging from basic to advanced, from familiar to unfamiliar and from personal experience to beyond personal experience.


Committed to Excellence

Nova Stellar is named after Nova Stella, which is a star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy and becomes extraordinarily bright. The deep blue colour in our logo epitomises the wisdom of the intellect. Combined with the luxurious gold colour, it imparts a message of success, victory and achievement.

Nova Stellar Academy strives to advance educational opportunities for all children through providing affordable and high-quality Math programmes. Through our unique teaching approach and committed teachers, we ensure that our students leave us ready to shine.



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How can we help your child?

Private One-On-One

If you have specific individual requests or concerns, this is an ideal program that caters directly to the needs of your child. You will be given individual time with our teachers before classes begin in order to develop an ideal program. After registering, your child will be asked to fill out a diagnostic test that will help us develop lesson plans specific to his/her needs.

Individualized programs are our most personal form of teaching. Teachers work one-on-one with students to help them build math skills and knowledge.

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Featured Courses

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Top math tuition centre in Singapore

Virtual Program (Highly recommended)

Our online one-to-one or small group program allows independent learners to have tuition from the comforts of their homes or on the go. The timings and duration of each session is flexible to suit your child’s availability. Homework practices, test papers and quizzes are marked and graded by our teachers. Lessons are recorded and sent to students for playback and parents will receive regular constructive feedbacks from our teachers.

Customised Small Group Tutoring

Our Customized Small Group Tutoring program is conducted for a class of two to four. These programs are ideal for students who are not sufficiently challenged or engaged when in larger class settings. Small class size ensures that each child benefits from a customised learning plan which is fun and enriching.

After registering, your child will be asked to complete a diagnostic test. This will help us tailor our program to meet his/her needs.

Primary math tuition centre in Singapore

Our In-house Math Videos

Looking for the best Math Tuition Centre in Singapore? You’re in the right place! Nova Stellar Academy’s experienced math tutors specialize in making math lessons easy and enjoyable experience for the students. If you have fear of mathematics, our private math tutor in Singapore would help you overcome this fear and excel in this subject. If you are looking to fine tune your mastery over the subject, enrol for our math tuition in Singapore and we would help you in your endeavour. 

As one of the most trusted math tuition centre in Singapore, we provide classes to students across various levels starting with Primary Class lessons. Our experienced tutors are always willing to walk the extra mile to help our students. As a math tuition centre always looking to improve our focus has been on providing our students with the latest academic resource that helps them in outperforming their peers and laying a strong foundation for their future academic careers and professional lives.

We have earned our reputation as the best math tuition centre in Singapore using hands-on teaching techniques and practical examples that helps not only learn the fundamentals of the subject but also ignite a love for mathematics. Apart from meeting the syllabus needs of students, our math tutor in Singapore would also train students in relating the concepts practically with the world around them. We have built a curriculum with conviction that hands-on learning serves the students better in the future than merely chasing grades.

At Nova Stellar Academy we are committed to offering our students personalized tutoring sessions that helps them in grasping the fundamentals of the subject and apply their knowledge in solving complex problems. We maintain healthy student-teacher ratio to ensure every student receives deserved attention to help them overcome their weak spots with the subject. As a part of our personalized math tuition in Singapore we also train our students in strategic exam techniques that help them master the art of time management and develop the skills to achieve higher scores. 

We take pride in having built a team of experienced teachers providing the best math tuition in Singapore. Our tutors are committed to helping students build strong skills and aptitude in the subject by providing tailored worksheets and additional learning material that not only improves scores but also gain confidence in solving complex sums in quick time.

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