Programme Overview

Secondary Mathematics

Your child in the most important phase of their academic career and the effort put in now and the knowledge they acquire would shape their future academic career and beyond. It is time for them to join the best secondary math tuition in Singapore. At Nova Stellar Academy we shall lay the foundation for their future success. Whether your child has phobia of mathematics or isn’t able to score higher grades despite putting in the effort, we promise marked improvement with our secondary maths tuition in Singapore. 

The aim of our Secondary Mathematics curriculum is to enable our students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills for continuous learning in mathematics and to support learning in other subjects and at higher levels. We help our students develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving and teach them how to connect ideas within mathematics and between mathematics and other subjects through applications of mathematics.

Best Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore
We leverage technology and hands-on teaching techniques to help students gain confidence in this subject. Our experienced tutors study the needs of individual students and help them in overcoming their weak areas and teach the application of the concepts learned during the classes. We go beyond the school curriculum to and teach our students in a relatable manner that helps them in improving their grades and also learn the art of time management which is important in an exam scenario.

Upper Secondary Elementary Mathematics

The Upper Secondary Elementary Math programme emphasizes on helping students develop proficiencies in understanding, problem solving, reasoning and applying. Students will learn how to solve quadratic equations using completing the square, apply exponential and power functions to practical situations, make connections among groups of objects using set language and notation, and determine the probability of simple combined, mutually exclusive and independent events. To hone their skills in problem solving, students will be exposed to a wide variety of problems that include Matrices, Pythagoras’ theorem, Trigonometry and Mensuration. Their reasoning skills can be enhanced by learning how to formulate geometric proofs for congruence and similarity of triangles, and interpreting and comparing data sets. The curriculum also combines spatial sense and geometry into one strand through the topics on coordinate geometry and vectors.

Best Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore

Lower Secondary Mathematics

In Secondary 1, students build on their foundation acquired in Primary School education. They will further their knowledge in topics such as Numbers and their operations, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Algebra, Rate and Speed, Linear Functions and Graphs, Angle Properties, Mensuration and Statistical Representations of data. Through learning these topics, students will develop competencies important in the 21st century. They will develop skills in formulating problems, algebraic manipulations, visualising space and handling data. Technological tools will also be used extensively to support classroom learning. 

The central focus of Secondary 2 Math is on preparing students for Upper Secondary. Students will begin by learning about quadratic expressions, equations and their characteristics. They will learn to create and solve inequalities, equations and systems of equations involving two variables. They will also delve deeper into ratio and proportion topics to include new concepts such as scales and maps, direct and inverse proportion. Applying their earlier experience with proportionality, students will build an understanding of congruence and similarity. They will learn about the criteria for congruence and similarity of triangles and use this idea to solve simple problems involving congruence and similarity.  The study of congruence and similarity leads to an understanding of simple trigonometric ratios and connects to quadratics through the Pythagoras’ Theorem. Probability and data analysis involving measures of central tendency will also be explored.  

Upper Secondary Additional Mathematics

The Upper Secondary Additional Math programme prepares students adequately for the National Examinations. Students will acquire mathematical concepts and skills related to quadratic functions, equations and inequalities, surds, polynomials and partial fractions, binomial expansions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, identities and equations, coordinate geometry in two dimensions including circles, proofs of plane geometry, differentiation and integration. Through learning these topics, students grow their skills in critical thinking, communication, application, deductive and inductive reasoning. Students will master 4 operations “+, “up to 100. 

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